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An intellectual parking formula that delivers reliable and accurate real-time parking availability and parking demand data.

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Machine Learning

Leave the thinking to us! err.. our computers

Although we don't have psychic powers, predicting the future isn't so far-fetched. Risk assessment, pattern recognition, predictive analysis... all while enjoying a cup of joe!

Point Cloud Processing

LiDAR data visualization is more versatile and reliable when cameras can't do the job.

From vehicle identification to urban mapping, we've got the skills and equipment to help you out.

Internet of Things

The world can always be more connected, whether its your phone, car, or even your home.

Did you know?
On average households benefit from 82% increased efficiency by having their personal devices connected*
*Data gathered from ASQ

About Us

Akasha Technology strives to enrich society with new and exciting IoT products. With our core focus being to use technology to make the world more efficient, we hope our innovative creations can make a positive lasting impact in every community!

Founded in 2019 as a company specializing in LiDAR-based applications. We aim to enrich society with clever solutions that were thought to have been impossible.

We struggled through the Pandemic in 2020, however it only strengthened our vision and resolve to push forward. The need for IoT infrastructure, and virtualizing contact is evident, and Akasha is here and ready to help.

Our heads are down at work, while our eyes shine up to the opportunities.

Meet the Team

Our talent is the key to success

Tim Hu
Tim Hu
President, Spokesperson, Amateur Cyclist
    Jinmin Huang
    Jinmin Huang
    Developer, Client-Success Manager, Co-founder, Basketball enthusiast
      Chenchen Guo
      Chenchen Guo
      Lead Developer, Co-founder, Keyboard wizard

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        A no hassle, cost-effective parking management solution for parking lot owners; an efficient, stress-free parking process for customers.

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        Liquid Level Measurement

        For those looking for precision, the Satori brings millimeter tracking and measurement for you research purposes.

        General 3D Mapping

        Our 3D scanning system provides accurate indoor and outdoor measurement under any light environment.


        Need help with your next tech project? We have a dedicated team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists to help make it happen.

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        We believe in sustaining long-term relationships with our partners, and are committed to our clients’ lasting success.

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