• University, Open Parking Area, Challenges (UVic)
    • Drivers find parking frustrating due to unknown availability
    • Universities, open parking places need the ability to manage the high-volume parking demand
    • Universities, open parking departments need to generate revenue through active management of spaces
  • Cities Challenges (Victoria Downtown)
    • Some drivers try to avoid street parking payment or overdue
    • Inefficient for repeatedly walking around the street to check invalid parking

Parklite Solutions

  • Accurate real-time availability directly guides students, staff, and visitors to the right spot
  • Real-time informing invalid occupied parking spaces, including unpaid and overdue parking
  • Collected parking data for designing demand-responsive pricing strategy


  • ParkLite provides a smart parking solution to parking providers so that they can:
    • Optimize the use of existing parking facilities
    • Establish a demand-responsive pricing program
    • Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of issuing parking violation tickets
    • Plan for high-volume parking demands during special events
  • In terms of the urban planning, benefits for the cities are:
    • Reduce traffic congestion and accidents caused by circling and double parking
    • Reduce emission and gas consumption 
    • Citizens/Visitors will have a more habitable community with more time to explore and visit the city